Ryu is a male saiyan originating from the home planet of all the saiyans of Universe 13, Planet Silade. He is one of the main protagonists of New Beginnings. Since departing his home planet to pursue the galactic criminal Kurzin, Ryu has met many new allies and friends on the Planet Earth. Growing more and more powerful, he currently resides there with his family consisting of his wife, Shiki, and his son, Kanji.

"Even as the odds begin to pile against us, we fight on. Our pride doesn't allow it to be any other way, no rhyme or reason to it. We're saiyans, we don't back-down, but that's what makes us strong in the end." - Ryu


Ryu, while not the most intellectual, keeps a level-head no matter what the situation is. He is kind but also assertive when need-be. A natural-born leader, Ryu strives to better himself constantly for the sake of his friends and family. Well-versed in martial arts, Ryu has an innate taste for battle, although sometimes too eager to jump into a fight. Overall, he has grown to care very much for his home and everyone he knows, and he would do anything to protect that.



Little is known of Ryu's origins. His parents are a mystery currently, but what is known so far is that Ryu was sold off as a child to the fight pits on Planet Silade where he grew up fighting for a living. At some point, Ryu was noticed by higher ranking officers of the Froxaz Army. His skills were noted, and soon he was brought on board to serve as a member of the saiyan ranks.

Later down the road, with the destruction of Planet Silade being indirectly brought on by Kurzin's carelessness, Ryu decided to head off in pursuit of him. This inevitably lead to Ryu stumbling upon Earth, where the events of the current story would later unfold.


Ryu battles Resurken for the first time

The Arrival Saga

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